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YAKRIT (Hepatic) Kit


Hepatic Kit supports proper liver function for better absorption of nutrients from the diet help

 Helps in the cellular regeneration of liver cells, of toxic overload in the body due to poor diet, alcohol, antibiotics, and anabolic steroids Help protect the liver from harmful effects

Ayurveda offers different tips, remedies, and treatments for the health of your liver. Our Hepatic Kit supports a proper liver function for better absorption of nutrients from the diet helps, It Also helps in cellular regeneration of liver cells, Toxic overload in the body due to poor diet, alcohol, antibiotics, and anabolic steroids.This Kit protect the liver from harmful effects.

The herbs and main constituents are given below to make the products more effective and safe to use:-

कुटकी Picrorrhiza kurroa

The taste of Kutki is bitter and pungent. That’s why it is also called Katumbhara goes. Since ancient times, Kutki (powder uses) is being used as medicine. Kutki is easy to digest, cures pitta and Kapha problems, and increases appetite It is a herb. It is also beneficial in fever, typhoid, tuberculosis, piles, pain, diabetes, etc.

Along with this, respiratory disease (wheezing or bloating), and dry cough, also help in diseases like the impurity of blood, irritation of the body, stomach worms, obesity, cold, etc. It is an excellent natural supplement that helps in the maintenance of the liver, spleen, and other abdominal organs.

भुंई आंवला Phyllanthus niruri

Roasted Amla is beneficial for liver problems such as inflammation of the liver, jaundice, and weak liver function. Bhumi Amla is the best herb for management not only helps in liver detoxification but also helps in nutrition due to its properties of Rasayana (rejuvenation) and pitta balancing. It helps in preventing ulcers by reducing the production of gastric acid and also Protects the stomach lining from damage caused by excessive gastric acid. It reduces indigestion and acidity due to its pitta-balancing properties which improve digestion .

कालमेघ Andrographis paniculata

Kalmegh is a plant known as “Green Chiretta”. and “King of Bitters”. also known as.

It is used for various medicinal purposes and is bitter in taste. An alkaloid called Kalmeghin is found in the leaves of Kalmegh, which has medicinal value and exhibits hepato-protective and hepato-stimulating properties. traditional medicine.

In this method, an aqueous extract of Kalmegh is given for jaundice.

Kalmegh activates the detoxifying function of the liver and detoxifies the liver cells. helps to clean. Kalmegh/Andrographis powder when used with antioxidants like Roasted Amla Helps eliminate harmful free radicals and regenerate liver cells .

The names of other powerful herbs used in Hepatic Kit are: –

  • भृंगराज            Eclipta prostrate
  • गिलोय             Tinospora cordifolia
  • मकोय              Solanum nigrum
  • पुनर्नवा            Boerhavia diffusa
  • पित्तपापड़ा       Fumaria officinalis
  • नागरमोथा       Cyperus scariosus
  • हरीतकी          Terminalia chebula
  • बिभीतकी       Terminalia bellirica
  • आमलकी        Phyllanthus emblica
  • काली मिर्च      Piper nigrum
  • पिप्पली           Piper longum
  • अदरक           Zingiber officinale


Weight 200 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 cm


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