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Meltex Forte Granules


  • Meltex Forte Granules With the goodness of Musli.
  • For help in increasing Sperm count.
  • Improving General weakness.
  • A Good rejuvenator and restorative.
  • Recommended course is for 3-4 month for effective results.
  • For better results use with Meltex forte capsules

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Shatavari(asparagus racemose)

It is beneficial in improving male fertility .it can be used in general debility and spermatorrhoea(pre-mature ejaculation). According to ayurveda shatavari is madhur(sweet)and tikta (bitter)herb which balances vata and pitta dosha.it maintains healthy hormonal levels.

Musli(chlorophytum arundinaceum)

The  tubers of musli rejuvenates male reproductive organs.according to ayurveda it supports kapha dosha which inturn increases sperm count by triggring spermatogenesis . It is a “rasayan” herb that is quite beneficial in sexual as well as general weakness .

Kaunch (mucuna prurita)

Kaunch seeds are aphrodisiac in action. Being “ hot” in nature these seeds balance vata dosha which inturn act on weakness of nerves of reproductive organs. It increases the muscle strength , improves coordination and mental alertness. Being ‘guru’(heavy) and ’madhur ‘(sweet)it increases sperm quality and quantity.

Gokshur(tribulus terresteris)

Its fruit acts on genito-urinary system. It is ‘guru’ madhur’  snigdha and sheet(cool)in nature and so pacifies vata-pitta doshas. It promotes diuresis and sperm production.it reduces inflammation of genitalias.

Ashwagandha (withania somnifera)

Its roots smell like horse and so is the name of plant.its hot nature increases the sexual performance of healthy as well as sexually weak persons.it increases strength,potency,virility,sexual excitement,erection of sexual organs and pleasure. Being madhur and snigdh it improves quality qnd quantity of sperms

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