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Cissus- D3 Tablet


A nutritional source of carotenoids, healing broken bones…..

Cissus-D3 tablet

Cissus Quadrangular 500mg with Vitamin D3-1000 IU (30 tabs.)

A Quality of Cissus Quadranagularis for strengthening broken bones……….

Enhance skeletal muscle strength and superior management osteoporosis

Muscle cell support & Dietary supplement HADJOD


Joint support formula


Dietary supplement

Broken bones

helps in weight loss

Growth retardation

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Cissus quadrangularis Linn is an indigenous medicinal plant, grown in India,

which helps to increase the healing process of the fractured bone and maxillofacial skeletal takes a reasonably long time to heal.

Many attempts have been made till today to reduce the healing period of 6–8 weeks, by means of improved surgical technology or by inhibiting the physiological mechanism of bone healing.

 Cissus also contains Vitamin A and C that is effective in the formation of collagen

Cissus Quadrangularis With Vitamin D3  It is known for its various benefits such as aid the immune system, boost bone strength, eases menstrual, helps with weight, improves respiratory conditions, issues, optimizing cardiovascular function, prevent diabetes, protect your teeth, reduce inflammation, tooth pain, etc.

Under the instructions of experienced and talented professionals, this medicine is manufactured by using the excellent quality components and modern techniques inset with the industry norms.


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